Driving directions: Follow highway 88 to Red Earth Creek, Alberta. Turn east onto secondary highway 686 for 64 km. Located behind and right of the Health Centre in Peerless Lake.

Helen Starr

Camp manager

My name is Helen Starr and I am the Services Manager for the Peerless Trout First Nation. I am from Peerless Lake and a PTFN member. I have lived in different cities and communities because of work and I came home a few years ago, to be with my family, relatives and friends. 

My work has taken me into different fields such as social work and economic development. Although I have my education and training today, it was not always like this. I had quit school, so I went back to school starting from upgrading to different Universities, Colleges and where I trained to be a Social Worker and a First Nations Manager.

I enjoy working for Peerless Trout First Nation for many reasons, but an important one to me, is I have an attachment to all the community members, and I feel a personal satisfaction knowing that what I do helps everyone and the community as a whole. I won an award last year from PTFN for Outstanding Service and this is something I will cherish. It is a pleasure to serve to the best of my ability and I pray that I continue to do so for a long time to come.